[When creating your name on Discord please use your character name. We allow nicknames on the discord server so there's no reason your voice chat name can't match your in-game character name.

Step 1:

Click picture below or use this download link to download Discord.


Step 2:
When you sign in to the Discord application you'll have to join our server. A box will pop up where you copy/paste a link. One of our members can provide the link.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Biggest issue we encounter with folks first getting set up with Discord is they try to have both the browser and external application running at the same time. We also get a lot of questions about how to stop Discord from loading every time the computer starts up. It's in the system tray options by right clicking on the icon. Make sure you claim your account using an email address. You'll lose your credentials when you transfer machines or ever have to reinstall discord if you don't claim your account using an email address.


More information can be found at www.discordapp.com.